Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Trip Out ....

See You There My Lovelies - click on link to book

Linkert Attacks UK - The Widows - WWNWW

I'd like to thank the Widows for putting on this amazing event ... A few of their motley crew above with yours truly ... Lee, Renshaw & Stevie. Thanks also go out to Andy P, Guy, Smiley, Stuka, Benny,Trawler, Steve M, and Shula and the rest of the Widows crew ( Apologies if I missed a few ... ) Love ya all! ( No homo )

Linkert Attacks UK 2013

The Venue - St Germains - Plymouth

38E ... Old Bikes In South Dakota Carl's Cycle Supply

 I had a fabulous (3) days with Matt & Brittney ( Carl was away riding his 39EL "Ruby" )

38 Inline Springer - Original Paint

Matt ( generously )  - allowed me start piecing together my 38E

I helped break this bike down and now I help build the roller ... brilliant !

Restored 38EL in Green ... Crusty 38E in Patina Black

Original ... Everything!

Original Paint Oil Tank and Frame

Patina Paint to match the Oil Tank

Crustiness at it's best

Bro Wave!  ... Day Dreamer ...
Of course I could resist rolling the 38 outside to take a better look.

Brittney Olsen's 23 J Racer @ AMCA Viking Chapter Meet

ST Paul Minnisota - Keven "Teach" Baas of Vintage Bike Addiction

Kevin "Teach" Baas ... the man himself. Vintage Bike Addiction The Baas family were kind enough to let me stay a couple of nights! It's always a pleasure to catch up with these guys.

Strange Brew ... shall return ... ( Kevin, Brittney, Student from Teach's chopper class and me ) at the Kennedy High School

Amy's "Shorty" 39 Knuckle

Teach's 47 Knuckle "Elvis"
with Brittney & Matt

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Future Looks Good ...